The Fellowship offers many activities for members and visitors including Sunday morning programs, Monthly Potlucks, Religious Exploration, Choir and Special Music, Covenant and Adult Discussions, Committees, Wedding Ceremonies, Social Activities and Memorial Society (Simple Burial).

Program Co-Chairs Holly Keil and Judy Williams

Sunday Morning Programs

Sunday services are from 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. every Sunday, followed by social time. Dress is informal.

Our services include warmhearted, neighborly interactions with one another involving sharing important events in our lives, pondering readings related to the service theme, singing together, and listening to instrumental music and stories. The central core of the program frequently features professors and other experts presenting on diverse topics of interest, including social justice issues.  Support is provided for active involvement in related activities in accordance with one’s conscience and abilities.

Sunday programs are developed by a UUFYS member committee, which is very open to suggestion.  Past service topics include:

  • Local issues like education and housing, as well as broader concerns such as the death penalty, water rights and the environment, women and gay rights, civil liberties and civil rights history.
  • Other services have featured visiting Unitarian Universalist ministers and seminary students, with discussions of UU history and theology, and spiritual exploration of topics such as relationship dynamics, compassion, forgiveness and loving kindness.
  • Earth-based philosophies have also been explored and celebrated.

Potlucks and Other Social Activities

We celebrate and strengthen our UUFYS community with delicious, shared meals, time spent together and heartfelt, rejuvenating conversation.  Examples of social activities include potluck brunches at the Fellowship, restaurant meals, hiking, museum trips, a men’s lunch group, and a women’s lunch group.

Covenant and Adult Discussions

These groups arise depending on the interests of participants and are designed to help adults explore and navigate the joys, sorrows, opportunities and challenges of our lives.  They provide an opportunity for interaction on a close personal level where we have time to hear one another and develop loving, trusting relationships. In such groups we explore the spiritual, ethical and moral side of life. Examples include Building Your Own Theology, Socrates Coffeehouse, “Banned Book” Book Club, and men’s and women’s support groups.

UUFYS Committees

A variety of committees allow members to be actively involved in the life of the Fellowship and in activities that further UU goals in the community and the world. Samples include Member Services, Help One Another, Finance, Building, and Religious Education.  Contact the Fellowship for more information on committee activities and to volunteer.

Choir and Special Music

Everyone is welcome to join the choir or to play special music for services or social events. The UU hymnal uses familiar tunes with words appropriate for liberal, socially conscious beliefs.

Tar Hollow Camporee

Social activities are important to the life of the Fellowship and our larger community. All are invited to join together and enjoy nature with the UUFYS at Tar Hollow State Park on the third weekend in May. Members and friends spend the weekend hiking, birding, swimming, canoeing and relaxing. Highlights include a campfire and talent show, general fun and friendship. Register here.

College Scholarship

Yellow Springs High School students compete for a $1,500 unrestricted college scholarship supported by the UUFYS.  Students are chosen for this scholarship based on their essay about life influences, what drives and motivates them, goals in life, and the like.

Wedding Ceremonies

Ceremonies are performed at the Fellowship or other desired location by the Fellowship’s president or other state licensed members. Commitment ceremonies are also available.

Simple Burial Information

UUFYS can provide information about simple burial or cremation through the Funeral Consumers Alliance.