Connections (a poem)

The crickets call me out; the air is damp and sweet.
I hear a lone bird calling in some dark distant tree.
Suddenly, the sun lights up the earth, the trees, the grass ahead of me;
Transforming all I see to a hundred shades of green.
I sit here quietly and see … ah, yes, I am connected up with thee.

The infant tree I chose, adopted oh so carefully;
So small, well-formed, waiting just for me.
Five years perhaps now it has been, my tending to its care,
I watch it growing tall and strong, its arms outspread with star-like leaves,
Gracing the yard so happily, blowing gently in the breeze.
Ah, yes, I am connected up with thee.

I wander through my space on earth, my yard and woods,
With gratitude and love for all that I behold.
How it fills me every time with deep serenity, feeling God in everything I see.
I marvel as the miracles unfold, stepping carefully through the trees.
Ah, yes, I am connected up with thee.

It’s autumn now, those sweet, warm melancholy days.
“Don’t be sad, though,” nature says-
“l’11 bring you great blasts of gold, purple, yellow, red …
To leave you breathless and in love with me.
I’ll follow that with winter peace, soft snow and rest,
And time to plan new life again.”
Sounds like the perfect plan to me.
I softly sigh: Ah, yes, I am connected up with thee.

If God is near, I give my thanks, wherever you may be.
I see you in the lustrous clouds moving past above me,
And in the plants of ruby red just outside my door.
They seem to note my rapt attention and blush a little more.
Can it be? This beauty all around, so free, to you, to me?
I close my eyes; I feel the earth, the misty tender breeze …
Ah, yes, we are connected up with thee.

Joy Fishbain, September 30, 2009

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